• Nordic Journal of Systematic Reviews in Education

    The Nordic Journal of Systematic Reviews in Education (NJSRE) is an international peer reviewed research journal focusing on systematic review studies in education globally.

    Systematic reviews compile, synthesize and re-analyze already existing primary research (or already published systematic reviews) to create a better basis for decision making, policy and practice or development of theory. Systematic reviews can also provide an overview of the knowledge gaps and can contribute to enhanced quality in research.


  • Barn – forskning om barn og barndom i Norden

    The quarterly journal Barn – forskning om barn og barndom i Norden is a well-established Nordic peer reviewed journal which came out for the first time in 1983. Barn has an interdisciplinary profile, and presents articles within various academic disciplines such as: sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, pedagogy, geography, architecture, philosophy etc. Articles in Barn are published primarily in one of the three Scandinavian languages. Accepted articles have been peer-reviewed. In addition, essays, trial lectures, summaries of doctoral theses and book reviews are published.

  • Nordic Research in Music Education

    Nordic Research in Music Education is an international peer-reviewed open access journal established by the Nordic Network of Music Education Research and owned by the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH). The journal publishes original, high-quality and timely articles that advance and debate research in all areas of music education. 

  • Inspira

    Inspira is a scientific journal that publishes academic articles, research papers and evidence syntheses of particular relevance to nurse anaesthetists, operating room nurses and/or critical care nurses. Its aim is to help ensure that evidence-based practice and patient safety are safeguarded in dealings with patients in the clinical field.

  • Högre utbildning

    The journal's overall purpose is to support the development of knowledge relevant for teaching and education at universities and other higher education institutions.

  • Nordic Studies in Education

    Nordic Studies in Education mediates articles, information and debate on topical subjects within education in the Nordic countries. By means of research articles and vivid debate and through information on topical professional issues, educational problems are presented from various social-science and historical-philosophical points of view.

  • Nordisk Østforum

    Nordisk Østforum (NØF) dekker politisk, økonomisk og kulturell utvikling i Russland, Balkan, Øst-Europa og det postsovjetiske området. Tidsskriftet inviterer forskere til å ta del i den nordiske debatten om utviklingen i et av våre viktigste nærområder.

  • Forskning og forandring

    Research and Change is a new double blind peer reviewed journal, published twice a year. The journal calls for and publishes contributions that explicitly seek to elucidate the relationship between research and changes in practice. Research and Change is published by NOASP Cappelen Damm and is a collaborative project involving Scandinavian university colleges and universities. The journal will publish articles in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English.

  • Nordic Journal of Literacy Research

    The Nordic Journal of Literacy Research contributes to a critical and dynamic representation of literacy in the Nordic context. The journal publishes high quality research articles that provide new empirical findings about literacy in the educational context, theoretical and methodological discussions about how literacy can be understood and studied, and study protocols of planned and ongoing literacy studies. The Nordic Journal of Literacy Research publishes peer-reviewed articles in English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

  • Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education

    Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education is a Nordic and international, open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality original articles about research in the field of arts education, sports education and physical education.

  • Nordisk tidsskrift for utdanning og praksis

    Nordic Journal of Education and Practice (Nordisk tidsskrift for utdanning og praksis) focuses on the field of education in schools and vocational and professional development. The relationship between education and practice is emphasized, and the journal aims to promote research relevant for a broad field within education.

  • Nordisk tidsskrift for pedagogikk og kritikk

    Nordic Journal of Pedagogy and Critique will create an arena for considered and critical analysis of educational and developmental processes. Pedagogy – historical and current – delineates the range of subjects the journal covers. It will be a place for new ideas and generate analyses that advance fresh perspectives on pedagogical issues and institutions.

  • Arctic Review on Law and Politics

    Arctic Review on Law and Politics is a scientific, multidisciplinary journal in the fields of jurisprudence and social sciences. Jurisprudence and social sciences are understood in a wide sense, as they also encompass such academic disciplines as economy, sociology, human geography, social anthropology and ethnography. 

  • Internasjonal Politikk

    Internasjonal Politikk er det ledende skandinaviskspråklige fagtidsskriftet innen internasjonale studier. Tidsskriftet legger til grunn en åpen og bred tilnærming til fagområdet, som tar utgangspunkt i det vi studerer, heller enn hvordan vi studerer det.